Our goal is to provide our clients with the greatest possible chance of resolving a dispute, in a way that allows both sides to gain as much as possible.

Unlike in litigation (going to court), where the parties are framed as winners or losers, and the solution is largely limited to one side paying the other damages, we aim to bring the parties to an arrangement that suits their individual preferences, interests and values. We look for solutions that are fair to both sides; that consider what is of non-monetary value; that will allow the clients to wipe the slate clean and to a future relationship.

Being a single, neutral person, the Mediator listens to both parties encourages them to find a solution themselves with his help. With many years of practice as a solicitor, themediator can advise on the legal position (what the outcome would likely be in litigation), but also how to come to an agreement where neither side is the loser.

Litigation is time consuming, financially expensive and stressful. There is no guarantee that, even if you think you have a straightforward open and shut case, that you will be awarded an outcome that compensates you. In contrast, mediation provides you with an opportunity to consider more options and to come to a solution that will be in the long term more beneficial.

The Mediator uses a five-step process to carry out mediation. This involves assessing you case beforehand, talking to each party separately, then allowing both to talk to each other. In this way, everyone can understand the history behind the dispute, and the positions of each other. After this opening round of discussion, the Mediator shuttles between each party individually to identify areas of compromise and to advise how a solution might be reached. The parties come back together again to discuss a final solution, or to agree on further talks. The outcome of the mediation session is recorded as a memorandum of understanding by the Mediator.

The Mediator assists clients in business, divorce and consumer complaints matters in the East of England; in Cambridgeshire, Suffolk, Essex and London. We can conduct mediation face to face (in person), via teleconference (where parties are not geographically close), and via other means of online communication (such as by email).

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